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A little about me…

Born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland (1965) until the age of 17; involved in music, art and design, set design and costume from early years, joining a band I moved to Scotland and further pursued career as, recording artist, vocalist, composer and performer; check out

A music career and 2 kids later I undertook study of Interior and Exhibition design at Edinburgh’s Telford College and then Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art; graduating BA (Hons) Sculpture in 2008.

As vocalist and composer I use sound and voice to create pictorial, physical and emotional atmospheres moving within a musical landscape. Much of my musical work is for film and T.V. and thus the visual aspect is always an integral consideration in constructing the musical narrative.

In visual/fine art practice I make experiential pieces evoking an emotion, a familiar feeling or a sensation in the viewer. I do this through a fusion of illusion, play and installation. I use a fluid mixed palette of found objects, vintage sound equipment, light, space, sound, texture and colour.

This varied background and skills base allows me to offer and share a wide variety of creative art, design, craft, sound and musical skills, as I work with clients to achieve practical solutions.

Do get in touch if you think I might be able to help with your project or are interested in buying or commissioning work.

Thanks, Rosanne x

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